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Daniel McNeill writes in his book “The Face: A Natural History”- “ In art, likeness has developed a reputation as rote and dreary business, face sapped of soul, the mark of the third rater.” (10). This assertion has often pushed portrait painting to the conservative fringes of the art world. Artistic humanists like Jacob Collins and
A portrait is typically defined as a representation of a specific individual, such as the artist might meet in life. A portrait does not merely record someone's features, however, but says something about who he or she is, offering a vivid sense of a real person's presence. The traditions of portraiture in the West extend back to
Body Representation in Renaissance Portraits - This essay will reflect on how body is represented in the portraiture art within the Renaissance's golden period detailing specifically Botticelli's paintings and how this experience have broadened and enhanced my knowledge towards the future interest. This period arise when
A paradox lies at the heart of great portraits: intellectually, we know a photograph can't actually “capture” anything, but emotionally (and spiritually), we can't help but keep looking for some kind of truth…
Essay about Art of Portraiture. 831 Words 4 Pages. art of portraiture. The three works that I chose that are art of portraiture are Head of a King, Mask of an Lyoba, and Mother Goddess. The first two portraits are West African Art from two different tribes, Ife, who created the Head of a King and Benin, whom created the Mask of
Introduction Philosophy addresses the non-essential, but intriguing question of – “why?” This essay addresses various reasons why artists may choose to use self-portraiture in their art, particularly in the art of contemporary photography. Necessity and Control – The Practical Aspects Often we as emerging artists begin our
Courtesy Alexandre Gallery, New York CityWhat do we want from portraiture? Ostensibly, a recognizable image of a loved one, a revered figure or a compelling personality. And yet, the encounter must also be one of surprise. We want more than “likeness,” and we rely on the artist's imagination to help us see past a
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